Our main line of work is shipping of Iveco refrigerated vehicles from Europe, as well as refrigeration equipment for vehicles and retail: insulated bodies and semitrailers, refrigerated shipping containers, refrigeration retail equipment, and self-contained refrigeration systems.

We also have a wide variety of spare parts for Iveco commercial vehicles

What we offer:

  • vehicle sets: almost the whole car for half-price. Great option for our partners and repair shops;
  • motors and spare parts for them: popular motors for Daily Iveco vehicles are always in stock;
  • parts of body and finishing: we have any parts of bodies and finishing for Iveco vehicles;
  • chassis parts: we offer Iveco chassis of any modification, as well as spare parts for them.


Selling refrigerator equipment:

  • self-contained refrigeration systems and motor-driven refrigeration systems
  • insulated bodies for trucks: refrigerated semitrailers (82 m3), insulated bodies of different sizes and volumes for storage, and multi-temperature refrigerated containers
  • used spare parts for refrigeration systems.

Good technical condition of our vehicles and refrigeration equipment is guaranteed.

All necessary procedures to make a purchase from our company will take you seconds.

We have best offers – discounts for long-term clients!

Follow our special offers to get promos and discounts. Our vehicles are spacious and reliable.

We offer refrigeration equipment for vehicles:

  • self-contained refrigeration systems
  • insulated bodies
  • used parts for refrigeration systems.

We have offices in Poland and Belarus!


Our specialist is always here to help

We are there for you daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • To choose a refrigerated vehicle
  • To consult on spare parts and components best for you
  • To share information about what is in stock now

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