Isothermal bodies

Insulated bodies and semitrailers for light and heavy duty trucks

Storing perishable and frozen products requires specific temperature conditions and isolation from the outdoor environment. These problems are solved by insulated bodies for shipping.

By their structure, they are insulated vans made of sandwich panels with refrigeration equipment inside.

These bodies are made by the same principle, but final temperature inside depends on the requirements to product storage and shipping, as well as functionality of the system – insulation level and type of refrigeration equipment. Thus, a van can maintain temperature from +12 °С to -20 °С inside at +30 °С outside.

An insulated van has body doors of increased width and weight. For them to open easily, on the one hand, and to prevent hot air from coming from the outside, on the other hand, the structures are installed at a low angle. You need to make a little effort to open them.

For more convenient transportation, unloading and protection of cargo from damage, an insulated van can be purchased with special racks installed inside, which prevent goods from falling.

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