Isothermal trucks

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Year of manufacture: 2005
9 000.00 €
Gross weight, kg: 10000
Year of manufacture: 2008
11 350.00 €
Year of manufacture: 2009
5 500.00 €
Year of manufacture: 2009
13 900.00 €
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Refrigerated vehicles in stock and on order

Shipping of perishable and frozen products requires special temperature conditions and insulation from the environment.

To create these conditions, refrigerated vehicles are used. .

For example, a refrigerated van can maintain a temperature of +12 °С to -20 °С inside with +30 °С outside.

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If you need to ship different kinds of products requiring different temperature conditions, our company offers multi-temperature systems. Price for these refrigerators will be higher.

Refrigerated vehicles we offer have some peculiarities. These systems are operated at a temperature range from -40 °С to +40 °С with relative air humidity of 80%.

Traditionally, walls of vans are made of solid 4-8 cm sandwich panels. The refrigerators are produced using frameless assembly technology, while light metal structures reduce the weight of a trailer allowing shipping more products. Refrigerated vehicles have a lot of advantages, as they allow shipping perishable products.

We also have a wide variety of spare parts for Iveco commercial vehicles

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